The Name Game: Race&Grant Collection

The first time Helena and I publicly announced the idea of Race&Grant was at the Styleweek January 2014 Accessory Showcase, while I was participating under my line, T*Racy.  We created "The Amulet" and "The Clutch" as our first pieces tested among the masses. Strategically placed at the center of the table, shoppers couldn't keep their hands or eyes off our new creations.  ...So, what does a savvy entrepreneur do?  Start taking pre-orders, of course!  And boy they were a hot selling item...

But there was a major problem... what do we call ourselves?!  Helena and I struggled with this during Styleweek.  In fact, we asked customers, friends, colleagues, and basically whoever expressed interest in our line.  Names such as Bagry, Hybrid, and Punkbo were a couple of options floating around.  

Eventually it hit us... Race (short for T*Racy) + Grant (Helena's last name) =  That's it!  Simple.  

Race&Grant at StyleWeek with Mel Ellard, photo by Dan Minicucci Race&Grant at StyleWeek with Mel Ellard, photo by Dan Minicucci
Race&Grant designers Tracy Belben & Helena Grant interview with Mel Ellard at StyleWeek
(photos by Dan Minicucci)